Currently, you can use your GlocalMe WiFi plans, in more that 140 destinations. We are consistently expanding our international coverage by entering into direct agreements with local telecom providers, thus avoiding you costly WiFi roaming charges and local SIM cards. For updated information, please visit our country coverage page !

Different travel data plans are available for our GlocalMe hotspot devices, from very specific coverage areas to global coverage. To view our different travel data plans, visit our data plans page. If you do not have an available plan, you may also use pay-as-you-go rates for data.

Unless you’re close to land, the portable WiFi device will not work while you’re on a plan or out in the open waters. The closer you get to land, the more likely your travel device will be able to pick up a terrestrial signal and thus allow you to connect to the internet. Please note that, even if your cruise advertises mobile connectivity on board, it’s most likely satellite-based, and will therefore not work with travel WiFi devices.

The validity period of all WiFi packages starts as soon as you activate your plan. Most of GlocalMe’s global WiFi data plans are all valid for 30 days. We offer 7 days and yearly WiFi travel plans for limited destination. Please make sure your destination arrival day is within 90 days from ordering a specific WiFi travel plan, unfortunately unused/inactivated WiFi plans for more that 90 days will expire with no refund. You can find a complete list of our global WiFi travel data plans along with their validity periods in the data plan page.

All our travel devices support 4G high speed. However, data speeds may vary from 4G to 3G/2G speeds depending on which country you will use your GlocalMe hotspot devices, what you expect to do on the internet, carrier bandwidth, how many devices will you connect to your hotspot and total data consumption.

We all try our best to not be glued to our phones and devices, but it’s just hard not to be. Reducing your hotspot data usage can help you avoid hitting your data caps too quickly. Here are some tips to manage your portable hotspot data consumption: o Cancel out of your APPs after using them. Don’t set your video APPs to auto-play o Turn off location services and take your GPS maps offline. Download routes for later offline use with Google Maps and Apple Maps. Some of our travel hotspot devices have the Maps APP installed on them. o Turn off background APP refresh. Many APPs frequently update, which drains data and battery life without you noticing. o Monitor your data usage and save large downloads for when you’re connected. Try to save your streaming, online gaming, and TikTok scrolling for when you’re connected to broadband. In addition, you can simply turn on “Economize Data Usage" mode on the GlocalMe hotspot device under “More”. While this mode is active and you are using the hotspot network, you will not be able to access APP store.

GlocalMe follows the Fair Usage Policy to ensure that everyone can have the best experience using the internet service. This policy ensures that everyone uses mobile data in moderation. If many users use large amounts of mobile data without any control, other users in our network can be adversely affected. In order to prevent those few mass-data consumers from eating into the bandwidth of the other users, the provider will cap for data speed. GlocalMe offers different data package including by Duration (Daypass, monthly and yearly pass), by Fixed GB (1GB, 3GB, 10GB), Pay-as-you- go (charge per kb consumed), and Local plans (available only in selected locations. Only the data packages purchase by Duration will be affected by the Fair Usage Policy, upon reaching this capacity, your usage will be slowed down. Do select the plan that best fits your requirements. You can always check the threshold internet speed for a data plan by visiting our data package page, by speaking with a representative, or on the GlocalMe APP.

150Mbps is just a theoretical maximum speed of downloading. Normally the actual speed is below that. Actual wireless speeds vary significantly from the above theoretical maximum speeds due to:
• Distance - distance from the access point, as well as any physical obstructions, such as walls, signal-blocking or reflecting materials affect signal propagation and reduce speed.
• Interference - other wireless networks and devices in the same frequency in the same area affect performance
• Shared bandwidth - available bandwidth is shared between all users on the same wireless network.

Using the internet via your own GlocalMe hotspot device is more secure than using public WiFi or shared internet networks. With GlocalMe, you have a personal and secure internet connection at your fingertips, just like the connection you have at home with your personal internet router. No one can use your WiFi signal unless you give them your GlocalMe device network name (SSID) and password displayed on the APP under “device section”.

GlocalMe portable devices offer only internet connection, therefore you won’t be able to make regular phone calls on our devices, but, you will be able to make calls using Voice over IP platforms on your phone, tablets or computer, such as Skype, Facetime, Viber or WhatsApp.

• Please check the settings of your GlocalMe hotspot device and make sure you have not turned off Internet access.
• Please check the signal strength and make sure you are within an area where your GlocalMe hotspot has network coverage (eligible country/region, and good signal).
• Check whether you have exceeded the allotted amount of mobile data and that you have sufficient data credit on your account.
• Please use a USB cable to connect your GlocalMe device to your laptop and see if it works, if so, the problem comes from your phone settings. If it is still not working, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support

We accept multiple payments including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB cards and PayPal. GlocalMe uses the secure system, which ensures the entire payment process is fully secure. Protection of your personal and financial data is guaranteed.

If your company has specific requirements, the GlocalMe Team can customize the device, data bundles, and adapt to invoicing requirements. So, please feel free to contact us at

This depends on the delivery method you choose and the country where you want your GlocalMe device shipped. Tracked & trace delivery: 2 – 14 days Express delivery: 1- 5 days The shipping time depends on the country of delivery. You will find precise information about shipping time on the checkout page.

We are happy to offer FREE ground shipping (5-8 business days) via USPS, Express Shipping (3-5 business days for USD 9.90) and Next Day Shipping (1-2 business days for USD 29.90) for all US domestic orders. For order outside the US, the shipping time depends on the country of delivery. You will find precise information about shipping charges and time on the checkout page.

Please note that international orders may be subject to customs import duties, tax charges, customs clearance fees once the devices reach your destination country outside of the US. We do not cover this cost so you will be responsible for paying any import charges that may be added.

Our return policy is simple, you can return the device(s) you bought within 30 days of product dispatch following the below guidelines. If your GlocalMe portable device is within the warranty period, please contact your purchase channel. If your GlocalMe is out of warranty, or for further assistance kindly email with your order number.
Before returning the device, please note the following problems can be solved by a simple restarting your GlocalMe hotspot.
· Data failed to synchronize with APP
· Fail to respond to actions
· Charged device cannot be switched on
· Fail to connect
· Unsatisfactory network
Return Process
Simply follow these instructions. Please note, the GlocalMe portable device must be damage free and returned in perfect condition.
· Wrap the return item(s) in the original packing.
· Enclose a copy of (or original) receipt.
· Return via your preferred shipping method.
· Please allow 10 business days for the credit to be reflected in your account after we confirm receipt of your returns.